SCAP Import Wizard

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Hi All,

I have never really used SCAP before but since there doesn’t seem to be an SCM site for RHEL 6 & Mac I thought I would have a look at using the SCAP Import Wizard. Trouble is - I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Does anyone no which external site it comes in, or has it been dropped in 8.2?



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SCAP content management is done through the Security Configuration domain. Check out the following set of

web-based documentation


check here

if you’re partial to PDF’s.

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Thanks Bob - silly me looking for the SCAP Import Wizard under ‘All Wizards’ in ‘All Content’. :slight_smile:

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Hi CiderMark,

Sorry to be so long in getting back to you – bobmagoo is right. The SCAP Import Wizard is available in the Security and Vulnerability Management Domain (or in All Content, as you discovered). It does not handle RHEL or Mac OS at this time. A newer version of the wizard is currently being certified, but it won’t be available until after certification is complete. It will not handle RHEL or Mac OS either, but it will be able to consume more recent feeds that have been made available.