Scanner Not Relevant

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I have been having some difficulties identifying why for some of my ‘Linux Suse Enterprise Server 11’, the BFI scanner task is not relevant ( > 9.2.15) . This is happening for 10-12 odd machines out of 250 , also catalog upgradation and SW scans aren’t working for these machines only.

Any thoughts or help around this would be very much appreciated.

BFI version 9.2.16


The BFI scanner tasks check for prerequisites such as disk space, catalog presence etc. To check which relevance is returning false, use Task 15: Analyze the Relevance of a Fixlet or Task ( to create an analysis (select from pull down list in Description tab) and target the servers in question.

As for the SW scan, what error code is returned when it fails? Is the scan timing out?

The catalog download task checks for running scan process. If the scan process is hung as it failed earlier, then the task will not be relevant.

Share any more details you can.