Scanner not Installing

I have been trying to get the BFI scanner at the same version across all clients ( The fixlet “Install or Update Scanner” is not relevant on some systems because there is no LMT folder under the BESClient folder or the LMT folder is empty.

I have tried uninstalling the BES client and reinstalling it, but the BFI software is not installing. The client is subscribed to the BFI site. The client log has the following: Command succeeded subscribe “IBM Endpoint Manager for Software Use Analysis.efxm” (action:2130719446).

But, I do not see any additional data in the log that the LMT directory is being created and a scan is being run. Also, there is no c:\program files\Tivoli folder.


Can you run “Analyze relevance for Fixlet” and create one for Intall or Update scanner.
After it gathers results, let me know which relevance number fails. I will take a look at what exactly is evaluated there.

Relevance 4 and 5 are returning error.

“Error” or false? If error, can you share screenshot?

It is “Error” on relevance 4 and 5. I don’t think it is possible to upload a picture.

Place Fixlet debugger on one of the server which is showing output as “error” and from Fixlet debugger execute those two relevance and see what output you are getting…

Both relevance statements are returning “singular expression refers to nonexistent object”.

These systems had the c:\windows\cit\cit.ini file with no other traces of BFI. Removing that file and folder, enabled the scanner to install.