Scanner Download is getting failed

Hi Team,

When I try to run Install or upgrade the scanner on newly discovered servers, I am getting the Download failed error.

but we can able to downloaded the failed packages from the BIgfix server through Browser, it seems clear to indicate that there is no firewall blocking.

only two packages (URLs) failed, the rest are downloaded and cached on the server.

is there any way to skip those Packages and complete to execution of the fixlets?

we need to install the scanner on Linux servers, where failed packages are related to Aix & HPunix we do not need those packages.

please find below in the failed screenshot


in a browser, can you hit the urls?

Hi Menglish66,

Thanks for your reply,

When I hit those failed URL’s in the browser from the BigFix server , the packages are downloaded without error.

Strange. Well as a workaround, you could precache them.

Download each file then rename the file (including the extension) the sha1 value and place them here:

[install directory]\BigFix Enterprise\BES Server\wwwrootbes\bfmirror\downloads\sha1

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Hi ,

I need to download and replace all the files or failed files only ?

Only the failed files


after replacing the files, how that fixlet will complete? I mean how will the scanner install? do I need to rerun the fixlet again?

Yes, re-run the task and the action will check the root server cache first before attempting to download.

If the original action is still open, then you can just leave as is and click on ‘retry now’ for download

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Hi Menglish66,

Thanks for your Help, the issue is resolved.