SCA admin access

Hi all,

Is there anyway to get admin access on SCA, when we do not have it?
We are in a bad situation, where we completely lost the credential. Both username and password of SCA admin. Anyway to get it back?



You would need access to the SQL database and you’ll have to insert a local account with a known password. I know there is a password hash that IBM support uses for this particular situation where you can replace the password of a user with the password “bigfix” but I don’t have that hash.

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If it’s too difficult to insert a hashed password, another option is to upgrade a different user into an admin user.

To do this, insert a row into the table roles_users where user_id is the user you want to be an admin, and role_id is 0.

Then set computer_group_id of the user to 0 to grant it access to all computer groups.

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For others that encounter this issue, please contact IBM BigFix Support.