Safe way to remove a non-master operator

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What is the safest way to remove a non-master operator without breaking product functionality? More specifically, is there a way to see what tasks/fixlets/groups are owned/signed by a specific operator, so we know what to re-sign after we remove them?

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As a master operator you can look up the NMO and look at the issued actions tab. However you will need to check analyses, groups and baselines and filter by operator, be sure to check groups especially because if you remove a operator the group stays and when you try to delete it you get an error. I had to call support to have these removed. As for the analyses, baselines, fixlets, tasks the NMO may have created I usually export them out and save them just in case they are needed for reference later.

If you need to stop access from this user in the interim you can go to SQL and change their password.

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Ya, going forward we are issuing generic ID’s for our helpdesk staff so we don’t need to worry about this (we can just change the account passwords if they get terminated).


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If you’re on 8.1, you should be able to find the operator’s custom content under their operator site. Go to:

BigFix Management->Manage Sites->Operator Sites->

operator name