Runtime Error - start program in user path

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i want to install the Rational Software Developer, on a windows 7 64-bit client with following command:

wait "c:\Benutzer\var\IBM\Installation Manager\eclipse\IBMIMc.exe

I get this error:

STATUS: Running action…

Command started - wait "c:\Benutzer\var\IBM\Installation Manager\eclipse\IBMIMc.exe

Command failed (Thread execution failed (2)) wait "c:\Benutzer\var\IBM\Installation Manager\eclipse\IBMIMc.exe

  • Result —

Evaluation failed!

If I copy the IBMIMc.exe to c:\temp\ and start with following command:

wait "c:\temp\IBMIMc.exe

The Installer Window is open.

There are problems if the programm is started in the c:\Users… path?

If I start the c:\Benutzer\var\IBM\Installation Manager\eclipse\IBMIMc.exe with mouse click, also the Installer Window start.

Please for help


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If it’s trying to use the windows installer, it sounds like the exe hides the msi file in the background.

if you launch the exe even in hidden it fails to kick of the msi cause it’s trying use the gui.

Consider looking for the MSI file and use bigfix to launch it instead… add the /quiet parameter to suppress the windows installer gui.