Run Software Deployment using a Specific User

I’m currently on v9.5.9 and would like to install a software (via Software Distribution) on endpoints using a specific ID (username/password). What can be the easiest way to perform the same on the mentioned version?

I haven’t actually used this to do any installs yet.

override wait
wait c:\IMAGE\SWD\application.exe /SILENT

The developer site has more info on what’s possible with the override command and there are some examples towards the bottom of the page.

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You can run any BigFix action as the currently logged in user on Windows without a password, but that will only work if that user has the right privileges AND is currently logged in. This option works well for per-user installs of software that does not require ADMIN rights.

You can also use the override command mentioned above where you would specify a user/password and then the action would run under that account.

Tasks created by the Software Distribution application do not currently allow to include the override option with runas=localuser tag; so you would need to add that manually within the task.

We are working to include this as a Software Distribution application feature in a next release.