Run Install Locally

We have an application that needs to have the installer files copied to a local hard drive and run from there. It’s a know glitch in the software that when command line options are used, it will not run from a network share. We had the same issue with SCCM. How would I go about setting up a fixlet to first copy the files to a local folder and run the install from there?

Just to any local folder?

I’m confused, because bigfix ALWAYS runs software installs from a local folder and NEVER from a network share… unless you go to great lengths to do so, which I wouldn’t recommend.

Installing/Running stuff from a network share is becoming more restricted in general, particularly an EXE file.

By default, when downloading files for installation in an Action, BigFix puts them in a __Downloads folder under the client path. There is a way to reference this location dynamically with relevance, but you can also reference it using a relative path from the current working directly of an action, which is always the parent folder of __Downloads. You can either run installers directly from this folder, or you can copy them somewhere else first. I generally run everything direclty from the __Downloads folders, but there are a few exceptions where copying them is required due to odd problems like something not liking spaces in file paths or file path maximum lengths, but these issues are usually due to poor quality installers and not directly BigFix’s fault, though ideally these problems could be handled and detected more gracefully.