Run Action During Before User Logon or Machine Startup

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Hi, I tried searching the forum, but unable to find any relevant solutions.

My site requires to cut over a software from version 1 to version 2.

During the crossover to version 2, we need to replace the desktop shortcut to point to version 2.

There is no fixed timing on the crossover as the backend infra is unable to be determined the time.

Once the infra has cut over, all users would receive a mass net send message to reboot their system.

During the reboot, we need to replace the desktop shortcut. So that once user logins, they would be using the new version of application.

Any idea how it can be achieved in BigFix 7.2.5?

Our users does not have admin rights to the system.

Thanks in advance.

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Why not use BigFix to replace the desktop shortcut and then trigger the restart (rather than the net send message)


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Beside the shortcut, actually also need to replace 1x dll file which cannot be overwritten when in use.

Thanks for suggesting that too, may explore along that path.