RPM deployment completed but not installed

Hi All,

I am trying to deploy a rpm file. The action complete with no errors " exit code = 0" but not installed when check on the Linux server. Below is the script. Thanks

download http://SAMPLEserver.com:52311/Uploads/67acff6b930b42cfca3d764bd88f98d2cf560c2e/vee-fs-522-51x86_64rpm.tmp
continue if {(size of it = 35931082 AND sha1 of it = “67acff6b930b42cfca3d764bd88f98d2cf560c2e”) of file “vee-fs-522-51x86_64rpm.tmp” of folder “__Download”}
extract vee-fs-522-51x86_64rpm.tmp
wait bash -c "if [ -e '__Download/vee-fs-5.2.2-51.x86_64.rpm ’ ]; then mv -f '__Download/vee-fs-5.2.2-51.x86_64.rpm ’ ‘__Download/vee-fs-5.2.2-51.x86_64.rpm’; fi"
download http://software.bigfix.com/download/bes/util/RPMDeploy-1_0.sh
continue if {(size of it = 5614 AND sha1 of it = “16dbbff71ff2b300a299069aca16ca0c263e9627”) of file “__Download/RPMDeploy-1_0.sh”}
wait bash __Download/RPMDeploy-1_0.sh “{pathname of client folder of site “linuxrpmpatching”}” {id of action} “__Download/vee-fs-5.2.2-51.x86_64.rpm”

You can output verbose information when the rpm command is executed to install the rpm. The option is -vv.

What does the verbose output tell you on attempt to install the rpm?