Root Server not loading HTTPS Certificate for REST API


I am running BES 9.5.9.

I followed the instructions and restarted the root server. But the certificate used by the rest api did not change.

I confirmed that the setting is set in the registry:

I have enabled root server verbose logging, which works. I can’t find any error messages related to certificates in the log there.

Should I be seeing error messages if anything is wrong?

I am trying to use a combined key+cert file, as described in the key format manual.

I would expect to see an error in the BESRelay.log if there was a problem loading the specified cert. Did you also set _BESRelay_HTTPServer_UseSSLFlag=1 ?

I can’t believe that was it…

SSL was “working”, so I did not check the _BESRelay_HTTPServer_UseSSLFlag, assuming it was already set.

But it wasn’t - and setting it fixed the issue, my custom certificate got loaded.

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