Root / Relay Diagnostics page (Version:

Where can I find a list of all the topics and explanations of the diagnostics on the Relay Diagnostics Page from the Bes Root server?

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This is a Wiki post, so anyone can edit it to add info.

Some of the stuff on the Relay Diagnostics page is informational, while a lot of it lets you check specific things, but doesn’t provide any info unless you do so. This diagnostics page is not specific to the root server and is available by default on all relays, which the root server is one.

You should disable the Relay Diagnostics page on any relay that is available over the public internet until it is required, then enable it temporarily.

The first part is the effective settings, either those configured specifically, or the defaults. This section doesn’t seem to have a heading, but it probably should.

Relay Status Information

This is the limits for queues and the current amount of stuff in them.

Console User Information

This doesn’t seem to do anything other than let you attempt to login as a console user and tell you if that login was successful or not.

Site Gathering Information

Info about External/Custom sites and their versions / gather status. Lets you trigger gathering and similar stuff.

Gathering means for the root server to get the newest content from it’s parent relay, or in the case of the root server, from IBM external content.

Client Register

This section deals primiarily with computers/systems using the current relay / root server you are viewing the diagnostics page on.

Download Information

Info about requested / cached downloads from actions within bigfix.