Right Click Tools need help with client logs

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I have the right click tools installed on my console. I run this console on my non domain admin account. Normal operations are fine but things I would like to use the right click tools I’m not able to. For example when I want to view the client log information it fails due to me not being logged on as my domain admin account. Is there a way for the right click tools to prompt or give you access to signed as different user so I can remotely view the Client logs for troubleshooting?



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Hey Russ,

If you can figure out a way to do it from the commandline (such as with an embedded “runas” command), then you can change your right-click menu to use that approach…


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Hello Ben,

Thanks for the info after doing the right click on the icon to console and then providing the correct key again with the new user and loading the right click tools again everything works just like I hope well I feel dumb for trying to hack the registry with MS already did it for me.