RHSM download plugin no longer compatible with Red Hat Customer Portal

We’ve been using the RHSM download plugin for 4 years, but Red Hat recently made changes in how systems are managed. We are not directed to the Hybrid Cloud Console, which not longer allows us to add systems and pull down entitlements. Our plugin is nolonger working and Red Hat Patch is dead in the water. And yes, I have opened a case with Big Fix.

I have the same problem. Do you already get a Update from HCL?

My case has been sent to development and then L3. I don’t believe there is a solution as of this monent.

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Thanks for your update

Hi @RichCampbell and @KevinD, in my lab I was able to obtain the subscription entitlement certificate without accessing Red Hat Customer Portal https://access.redhat.com. It was obtained directly from a registered RHEL endpoint. Then I used this certificate in my root server’s RHSM download plugin configuration. Obtain the certificate located here from the RHEL endpoint:


You should see 2 PEM files located here. Then I will combine these 2 files into 1 PEM file using the following command (my example certificate files are 1234567890123456789.pem and 1234567890123456789-key.pem):

cat /etc/pki/entitlement/1234567890123456789.pem /etc/pki/entitlement/1234567890123456789-key.pem > /tmp/1234567890123456789.pem

Then use the new combined file /tmp/1234567890123456789.pem in your RHSM download plugin configuration and I then validated via the command RHSMPlugin.exe --check-baserepos and inspected the output to confirm that the cert can access the base repos that are listed.



Hi everyone,
I’ve got an old developer account, and I was able to create an offline system and attach some subscription to it.
What are you seeing on your end?

I’ve captured it in a GIF File - Can you check it?
RHEL Subscription Management Capture Sample

Works for me! Thank you!

I also got it to work after I moved a system to use Red Hat’s CDN instead of our internal Satellite. Then coping the entitlement certificate worked. I also received an update from HCL but it only says L3 is still working the issue.

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Thanks @gus. We typically patch against offline repo so RHSM plugin is not used frequently in our installation and it seems RH makes changes and it needs attention/upgrade before use when it does get used.
Your post provided the steps needed to quickly resolve the issue this time.