RHEL6 missing content in BigFix

Hello, we are missing these RHEL6 fixlets:
RHSA-2019:1650 - Red Hat Update for qemu-kvm
RHBA-2019:1651 - Bug Fix Advisory
RHSA-2019:1652 - Red Hat Update for libssh2


[resolved] RHSM plugin subscription certificate expired.

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Strange, I’d still expect you to see updated fixlets in that case (but the rpm downloads would fail).


‘Current Version’ # matched between the ‘External Site: Patches for RHEL6 Native Tools’ and http://sync.bigfix.com/cgi-bin/bfgather/patchesforrhel6nativetools
Other new patches were also missing. Old superceded patches did not update to show as superceded.

Patches are now present and applied successfully.