RHEL Custom Repository Management - Repo not showing up


I have configured a RHEL7 repo in my environment and have ensured all below have been met:
Ensure that you have met the following requirements:
IBM BigFix 8.2 and later versions
RHEL versions 5, 6, 7
Minimum YUM version: YUM 3.2.19-18
Subscribe to the Patching Support site.
bzip2 must be installed.
Activate the Repository Configuration - Red Hat Enterprise Linux analysis from the Patching Support site to access the dashboard.
Enable the following tasks:
Enable custom repository support - Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Disable custom repository support - Red Hat Enterprise Linux

The endpoint where I have configured the repo appears in the RHEL Custom Repository Management dashboard, but the repo does not. It shows as “0”. Suggestions?

The dashboard does not support the creation and maintenance of local repositories. You must create local repositories separately.
Using custom repositories can give you the flexibility to control what can be deployed to the endpoints in your deployment. E.g: you can deploy custom software that you are hosting in your custom repositories.
Use the Install packages by using YUM task from the Patching Support site to install custom software that are in your custom repositories.
Here is the link for Manage custom repositories

Thanks, prabhu490730, but the repo is already set up and configured in the environment. It is just not showing up in the dashboard. Any thoughts as to why not?

A bit confused here.

  1. is this repo hosted on this endpoint ( reposync, createrepo with running http server)?
    For this case, this repo will not show up in the dashboard

  2. is this repo added to this endpoint as yum repository ( so the endpoint can get update from this repo)?
    For this case, this repo should show up in the dashboard