RHEL 7 Patches applicable but already installed

Hey all,

We are having something odd with a patch on RHEL 7, and I thought I would poke here and see if anyone has ran into this before, or if it was something I might be overlooking. One of our server guys patched the server manually, and was complaining about it still showing relevant in Bigfix. I went to the server and checked rpm and yum and the RHSA was applied.

I have done a forced refresh on the system thinking maybe it just hasn’t posted up new results, but that wasn’t the case.


Could you provide the RHSA in question?


It’s RHSA-2020:1036


This advisory is not currently relevant in my environment though I did notice it has a very very large list of dependencies. My guess is one or more of those dependencies has not been installed, thus the fixlet will still be relevant.