RHEL 7 Patch Issue

Hi Everyone,

I need some urgent assistance on patching RHEL 7 servers

I have deployed all the available fixlets for RHEL 7 for our RHEL 7 client server. However, the VA team has found 2 vulnerabilities:

Name: RHEL 7 : glusterfs ( RHSA - 2018:3432), Plugin 118583, Severity - High
Name: RHEL 7 : Storage Server (RHSA - 2018:2613, Plugin 117320, Severity - Medium)

However, I could not find any such fixlet even after gathering new fixlets.

Can anyone tell me how to resolve this issue??

It is urgent.

Hi ani1214,

I dealt with this issue before. You will need to create custom content.


Have you checked for them directly on Satellite to see if they exist?

BigFix doesn’t support the Red Hat Gluster Storage 3.4 channel, which these advisories are a part of. As mentioned previously, you’ll need to create your own custom content or reach out to professional services.

Hi zavanty
Thanks a lot for your help.
Could you tell me how to create our own custom content for a particular RHSA??

Does IBM BigFix have any supporting document stating this as proof?
Since the customer’s VA team needs proof for this. If you know any links or supporting documents please let me know.

There is a list of supported Red Hat Update Channels, but I don’t have it handy. Just letting you know it’s worth the time to search.

I’d suggest you just take a look at an existing Fixlet and modify it with the relevant changes such as the affected packages.

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It’s in the official documentations - IBM Documentation

Thanks a lot for your support. I really appreciate your quick help.

Thanks a lot Jason for the response.