RHEL 7 Patch Baseline hangs 'pending restart', how can we ignore this in the baseline?

Our Linux patching is a split activity where we apply all the necessary content ahead of the outage window (not a BigFix managed Window). Then when the window starts, all we really do is cycle through the reboot for every patched device.

However, when deploying the baseline it hangs when particular patches want a reboot (normally kernel patches). We would like the baseline to apply everything in it without waiting for / requiring a reboot.

I know we can make copies of the fixlets and edit them, removing the requirement for a restart. However that is far too manual of a process and would need to be done for every baseline we create.

Is there a way, in a baseline, to simply move past the reboot requirement? I know you can do it with an automation plan as well, but we are not using those here (no server automation).

That doesn’t sound like it’s hanging, it sounds like a correct status. Pending Restart implies the action is complete but the updates will not be in effect until a restart occurs. Which is probably true. This status will not prevent other actions from running, so it’s not hung.

I have a similar question. I want to be able to clear the “pending restart” status on a Linux system WITHOUT actually rebooting the system.

Where does BigFix store the flag that indicates a reboot is necessary? There’s lots of information about where in the registry this is kept for a Windows system… but where on a Linux system? There is no documentation of that.

Does anyone know?

I have a similar answer. The status of ‘Pending Restart’ is true, and will not prevent other actions from running or content from evaluating. In this case, I’m not sure how to make the BES Client lie to you.

Well… something during the Linux reboot “clears” the “pending restart” status. Where is this done during the reboot?

What tells BigFix that a host has rebooted so that “pending restart” is now false?