RFE: Maximum property report size


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I’ve submitted an RFE to allow a “maximum property result size” for reporting from the client. In my environment we’ve found that some of the Compliance Checklist reports (for instance “Measured values - Ensure no unowned files or directories exist”) can result in huge property result sizes - as much as 700 MB from each client with NFS mounts to a SAN.

This large property result consumes space in the BigFix database, Web Reports database, and can cause the Compliance database to grow or prevent Compliance imports from occurring at all (with a Java “out-of-memory” error).

Our workaround is to deactivate these analyses, but any Operator could create a duplicate of such and get large results reporting again. We’d like to have a client setting to cap the maximum size of an individual property report, and if the report is larger than the set size return an error instead. Similar to how "<Inspector Interrupted>" is returned if a Relevance clause takes too long to evaluated, we’d like to see something like "<Result Size Exceeded>" if the result is too large.

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Seems like a good enhancement request worthy of an upvote:


Currently property results are not constrained to a certain maximum size by default. This could potentially cause a variety of problems within a BigFix deployment.

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