RFE: Granular scan exceptions for Inventory


I just opened an RFE, hoping to garner some votes from here. My issue is that I am about to add BigFix Inventory to some servers with very large data repositories (i.e. between 50 and 150 Petabytes), and I’ll need to exclude some directories from Inventory scans. I want to add the exclusions before any scheduled scans run.

Currently there is a single client setting, “CIT_Deny”, which will block scheduled scans; however, this setting also blocks installing the Scanner, and blocks Adding Directory Exclusions.

I’m asking for an additional client setting, such as “CIT_Deny_Scan”, which would block only the actual scans, while still allowing us to install/configure the scanner and to add directory exclusions.

A setting such as “CIT_Deny_Scan” should only block “Initiate Software Scan”, “Initiate Software Scan on Shared Disks”, “Initiate Scanner Diagnostic Tool”, “Initiate Collection of SAP Metric Data”, and perhaps the various “Upload Results” tasks.

The setting should specifically still allow the “Install or Upgrade Scanner”, “Add Excluded Directories”, and “Remove Excluded Directories” tasks.

If you think this would be useful, please upvote my RFE!


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+1 for this feature. Voted.