Revising the Default Power Draw Assumptions

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Hi All,

We’re planning to update our default power draw assumptions in the Power Management product so I wanted to run the new figures by you to get your feedback.

In compiling the new figures, we used a variety of sources as input, including Energy Star, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and direct power meter readings.

-Desktops: 70 watts active; 3 watts in standby

-Laptops: 25 watts active; 2 watts in standby

-Monitors: 45 watts active; 1 watt in standby

-Servers: 150 watts active; 7 watts in standby

Differences in power consumption can vary quite a bit based on hardware, so these are intended to be aggregate defaults that can then be overridden using the “Override Power Assumptions” task in the current version, or the “Manage Custom Assumptions Wizard” in the new version coming later this summer.



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Can you post the current values - I don’t have access to them or I would just look. And how will this affect the historical data?


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Hey John,

The current assumptions are:

-Desktops: 58 watts active; 28 watts in standby

-Laptops: 18 watts active; 4 watts in standby

-Monitors: 80 watts active; 6 watts in standby

-Servers: 90 watts active; assumed never power-managed

The difference between the current assumptions and the new assumptions:

-Desktops: +12 watts active; -25 watts in standby

-Laptops: +7 watts active; -2 watts in standby

-Monitors: -35 watts active; -5 watts in standby

-Servers: +60 watts active; 7 watts in standby

We will be revising the assumptions in the new version of the product, which will be released as a new site that can be run in parallel with the current version. This will provide customers with an opportunity to gradually transition to the new version.

Additionally, if you’d like to stick with the current assumptions, you can choose to override the revised defaults using the “Manage Assumptions Wizard”, which will be included in the upcoming version.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.


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Thanks for the values. I guess the only suggestion we would have is that somehow the older values are applied to older systems and newer values are applied to newer systems - since that is the reality of the power usage. It would seem which policy to apply could be determined by the bios or cpu. Just a suggestion.