Reviewing hash value throughout the network


I have some hash value of virus and I would like to scan this value throughout my network. how can I do this.
I have IBMbigFix with TrendMicro CPM Antivirus.

Hi @salman

What do you want exactly? Do you want to scan a particular virus or do you have a virus on your network and want to know where the virus is or…?

In case you just want to test the virus to see if CPM is detecting it:
It’s not clear if you already have it in a folder/document, but if not, just save the hash value in a .txt document and put it somewhere. (I don’t know which virus you have, but make sure that you are scanning offline, so that the virus doesn’t spread to your network).

The easiest way is to just scan the folder. You can do this by sending the Global Settings with the context menu checked and then you can just right click the folder and use “Scan with BigFix Protection”.