Retaining Adobe Acrobat Preferences

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I should say off the bat that I am very new to BigFix. So, I apologize in advance for this being a complete newb question…

Not sure whether anyone has experienced this scenario before:

Users have both Adobe Reader and Acrobat installed, but have Acrobat set as their default pdf viewer. With my organization’s previous cleint management tool, whenever an update to Reader was applied, the default pdf viewer reverted back to Adobe Reader. Is there any relevance that can be applied to an action to retain the preference?


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Hello (and welcome)…

I think we just run the Adobe upgrader and let it do whatever it normally does… I am not sure if there is a way to tell the installer to avoid resetting the default pdf viewer…

I think we could figure out a way to set it back to Adobe if you were interested…


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Does Acrobat have a repair mode that would re-establish the file associations?

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Adobe has a customizer that will spit out an .mst. Using that tool, you can specify which product (acrobat or reader) gets used as the default for opening pdf’s, along with a few other options such as opening withing the browser or not.

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Thank you for the responses and sorry for the late reply.

We have a customized package for Acrobat Reader that I am trying to deploy using a custom action as follows:

Custom Action:

dos md “c:\wkstnctl\scripts\Adobe Reader 9.3.1”

dos xcopy “\nassrvone\vol2\nyc\BigFix Test\Adobe Reader 9.3.1” “c:\wkstnctl\scripts\Adobe Reader 9.3.1” /E

waithidden “c:\wkstnctl\scripts\Adobe Reader 9.3.1\Install_AdobeReader_9.3.1.cmd”

However, the action fails generating the attached msi log file:

Also. here is what the .cmd file does:

msiexec.exe /i “AcroRead.msi” TRANSFORMS=“Adobe_Reader_9.3.1_R2.mst” /L*v “c:\wkstnctl\AdobeReader_9.3.1.log” /qb

On the test client I am deploying to I see this:

The installation package could not be opened. Verify that the package exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this a valid Windows Installer package.

Please post if you have any insight into where I am going wrong.

Thank you…