Restoring running apps on restart

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We have a dilemma.

We need the ability similar to what WSUS does to restore open/running applications upon user logon after a post-patch initiated automatic restart. You can simulate this behavior by using the Windows built-in “shutdown.exe /g /t 00” command, however this command doesn’t seem to work when pushing it as an action using waithidden (we want to suppress the shutdown.exe’s restart notification bubble). The BigFix built-in automatic restart doesn’t seem to have this capability either (which would be very nice).

Has anyone successfully been able to do this using BigFix?

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If exists current user, then add all currently running apps to the current user’s RunOnce key in the registry.

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I have not tried this yet but plan too. Out of curiosity, do you use this method currently in your environment and does it work pretty well?


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I don’t do this currently at all. Just a possibility I thought of.