Restart required - Windows Installer error 3010


In a fixlet that runs a Windows Installer/MSI based package and msiexec returns error 3010 (ERROR_SUCCESS_REBOOT_ REQUIRED). What’s the best practice to handle this?

My assumption would be that the agent will already detect that a reboot is required, independently, and we simply need to modify the fixlet so that it accepts 0 and 3010 as successful return codes. Is that correct?

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Hi Chris,

Maybe you can add

action may require restart “some sha1 string”

at the end of the action script?

BigFix does not use the return codes to determine success or failure, it uses the Relevance clauses of the fixlet. If they evaluate to False, the Fixlet was successful (the “Fixlet” is no longer requried).

If the Fixlet includes the “action requires restart” flag, the action will be marked as “Pending Restart” until a reboot happens; after that, the Fixlet will be evaluated again to determine success or failure.