Restart Now is more like Probably Restart in 10-20 minutes

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It seems that the “Restart Now” messages to the user always seems to take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes before it actually restarts. It seems that it’s just queueing it up and eventually gets around to it. In the case of this message I’m typing now, I chose “Restart Now” about 8 minutes ago – and I still haven’t rebooted yet. Eventually my PC will auto-reboot, but will kill anything I have open without saving. Yeah, I’m taking a risk typing this because I could restart any second now.

Is there any way that we can configure “Restart Now” to work as a “When I said Restart Now I mean restart NOW”. It should be no different than the user now choosing Start->Shutdown->Restart.

Maybe a feature request for a client setting?


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Hey Paul - I was reading the 8.1 release notes and this might interest you (we second your request if this does not solve the issue).

“- Changed the client CPU throttling to be unthrottled when initiating a system shutdown to help prevent delays between end users initiating the shutdown and the client requesting the system to shutdown (issue #38234)”

Perhaps this will fix the problem.