Restart needed

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Have anyone seens that if you use the link in the restart needed fixlet that says “force restart after X minutes” and set this value to “0” upon request from the system.

The result is that the targeted machine will have a dialog box display with the only choice of “restart now” and the reboot never happens (atleast not in 10 minutes). The user must interact with the machine to have the system rebooted.

This is on XP sp2 machines


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Hey Bjorn,

I will see if we can double-check the code, but I believe that the command “restart 0” is probably the same as “restart”, which requires the user to click “Restart Now” as you noted. If you use a non-zero number, you should see it force the restart properly.

I will see if we can adjust the note in the Fixlet to explain this better and avoid confusion.


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Let me know when you finished your checks.