RestAPI Question

Looking through the restapi documentation i see there are some options for filtering and i can get it to filter child options like it’s defined below but hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction on whether it’s possible to filter by result. For example MasterOperator = true. Is this possible?

These are some example of filtering results using ?fields=:

The ‘Fields=’ parameter allows you to define what fields are returned in the API response, rather than filtering the results themselves.

If you’d like to return a specific set of operators based on criteria such as ‘master operator = true’, this is best handled today via /api/query and passing the appropriate session relevance. If you share the output fields of interest, along with the operator filter criteria, we can likely provide a sample query to make against the API to return the desired data.

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I was able to get a simplistic response using this query, but I guess I was trying to better understand if the api filter could be used to filter down the results or just the fields being brought in from the query. Your response confirmed my suspicion and I think this will get me the information that i needed.