REST API: single result vs multiple result

Hi Guys

Found something strange. I have a simple query for the rest api to get the name of the computers and the last report time. But there is a difference in result when you use powershell to get your result. Bear with me:

https://x:52311/api/query?relevance=(name of it, last report time of it) of bes computers whose (name of it as lowercase=“x”)

My computername exists out of 11 characters. So if I replace X with a valid computername, then I got back 1 result (in Powershell and Browser):

If I replace X with a “general” computername, like PO1212 (a lot of our computers start with that), then I don’t get a result in PowerShell, but I do have result in the browser:

Any idea how this happens?
The result is always empty with multiple tuples:

Thanks for your help!

In Powershell you are using the equal operator while in the browser you are using the contains operator…


Goddammit, missed that one… :confused: thanks for extra pair of eyes!