REST API show different result

I’m having a problem with REST API giving wrong/different result, when issuing same session relevance to RESTAPI Query and WR QNA/Presentation debugger.

Ex. :
Number of bes computers returns from REST 0 and from WR 715
Number of bes sites returns from REST 2 from WR 44

I have tried stopping and starting the application including WebReports without any success.

Has anyone seen/resolved something like this.

Thanks in advance

Are you leveraging the same user/credentials between REST and WR? Do you have multiple WR servers?

We have only one WR server.

Since we do get some results from REST, it doesn’t sound to me to be a user/credential issue.

if the REST API are not using a Master Operator account you will have access to a different set of sites/computers, according to your NMO assignements.

you may try to ask the list of operator’s computers, as reported by “Webreports” via REST APIs query:


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Problem solved, it had to do with the user credentials and site subscriptions for my API user.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction :grinning:

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