REST api relevance query : check if a fixlet is applicable for a computer


I’m completely new to IEM. I’m working on a project where I need to query IEM using the REST api.
What I’d like to do using the REST api, is to check if a computer identified by is hostname is a potential target of a fixlet, identified by its ID.

So I tried something like that:

https://iemserver:52311/api/query?relevance=(names of applicable computers of it) of bes fixlets whose (id of it = 130)

Then I filter the result to check if my computer hostname is part of the result.

Would it be possible just by one relevance query, with computer hostname parameter and fixlet if parameter, to know if this hostname is a target for this fixletID?

Thanks a lot.

Hi @cedricl

Try this:

(names of applicable computers whose (name of it contains "x") of it) of bes fixlets whose (id of it = 130)

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Works well ! Thanks a lot !

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