REST API - How to collect results from Analysis (5 properties) and output to file

I am new to the REST API and would like to know if it is possible get the results from a custom analysis which has 5 properties for all relevant computers and output the results into a xml file?

The short answer is yes.
Use the relevance query API.


See Legacy Communities - IBM TechXchange Community

This is an example of a query that gets results from an analysis

The result from REST API is in XML.

Thanks Gearoid,

How would you modify so that instead "name of computer of it is “my-computer” to all bes computers that are relevant and how would you output this is the xml file?
Not sure how to add but would it be something like

for relevance for all computers

of computer of it as string) of results from (bes computers) whose (relevant flag of it)

and output to a xml file ?

((values of it, name of computer of it) of results of it, names of it ) of properties of bes analysis whose (name of it is "Repository Configuration - Red Hat Enterprise Linux")


(, computer1 ), Satellite URL
(, computer2 ), Satellite URL

REST API has a command line tool that you can dump the output to file.
Otherwise you’ll need to wrap the http calls in a client or scripts of your own.
The REST API response is already in XML but you may need to parse it to a format of your own.

Thanks for all your help gearoid. I am testing now.