REST API - Get latest catalog version ILMT has

I have been working through the REST API docs, and it would be really helpful to get the catalog version ILMT has currently got. so i can then build the query for the out of date catalog once i get the json data from the REST API call.
is this possible would anyone know?

I was in search of this too but didn’t find it. What I had to do was a REST API call to the BES Root Server API asking for the fixlet name that starts with “Software Catalog Update” and then extract the version out of the name.

thank you cstoneba .

can you paste any links of examples on how to do this or other more filtered / selective queries on the API - or is that not possible. Im just starting working with the API in BigFIx and ILMT.

i can see i can do …/api/actions to get a list of all actions and their IDs, but the status is not on that query; do i have to iterate through all IDs from that query and then filter on Status to get a list of open action sfor example? or am i making it hard for myself?!


@pmatz, @cstoneba Take a look at Task ID 48: Software Catalog Update (9.x.y.z). If you inspect Relevance 4 of this task, you can see where the catalog file is stored and create a property which captures the detailed catalog version.

For example, the following relevance returns the name of the catalog file and the version information from the file name:

(name of it, preceding text of last "." of following text of last "_" of name of it) of file whose (name of it starts with "LMT_Catalog") of folder (value of settings whose (name of it starts with "LMT_Server_Path") of client & "/wlp/usr/servers/server1/data/sam/catalog/LMT")

This will return something like the following:,

Then you can use the …/api/properties call to get the id of your new property, and use it with …/api/property/{id} for your automation.

I also recommend creating a web report alert to send you an email whenever Task ID 48: Software Catalog Update (9.x.y.z) or Fixlet ID 1002: Upgrade to the latest version of IBM License Metric Tool (9.x.y.z) is relevant to your LMT server

As I think about this more, using an analysis to create the property would be better, so you can target just the LMT server for evaluation.

I’ve created an enhancement request so that there is a native BFI API Endpoint to query for the installed catalog version/latest available catalog version.

Please vote!

Good idea. I’ve voted for it.

@cstoneba For BFI, it would also be nice if the file based version of the catalog matched the internal version found in the file catalog


C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Client\LMT\CIT\

Do you see the same mismatch in your LMT Software Scan Status Analysis?

no, mine do match:
client’s = 2638396.4

‘Software Scan Status’ analysis, ‘Catalog Version’ property= 2638396.4

Sorry - that’s not what I meant. The download from IBM (or HCL) uses the product version and date/time(?) stamp

which does not correlate with the content of the