REST API Baseline query for BigFix

I am trying to query Baselines using the REST API for BigFix version 9.5.3. The query link in the documentation is for version 9.5.5:/api/baselines/{site type}/{site name} does not work. I was able to query Tasks with /api/tasks/{site type}/{site name} which is also available in the same official docs. I’ve searched the BigFix forums and tried various workarounds but nothing has worked. Please help!

Can you give an real example endpoint you’re trying to hit that isnt working?

As you’ve pointed out, and per the documentation, the /api/baseline(s) resource was added and is available with 9.5.5+.

So, an upgrade to 9.5.5 or greater should help. Alternatively, depending on what you are trying to achieve, there may be alternate methods as well.