Requesting assistance during BigFix server migration from Old instance to New Instance (New Server)

Requesting assistance during BigFix server migration from Old instance to New Instance (New Server)

Old BigFix Server FQDN:, New Server FQDN:

Therefore, Old BigFix Server being used for managing below tasks.

  1. Patching of systems on weekly basis
  2. Manage compliance of systems, having multiple custom sites (20 Custom Sites)
  3. Multiple relevance & analyses were created under custom sites
  4. More than 5 console operators
  5. Total 35K registered system in BigFix server (Old instance)

Application components installed on Old BigFix Server

  1. BigFix Server Installed on custom port (Not using default port (52311))
  2. Web report with custom port (Not using default port (52311))
  3. Security & compliance Analytics with custom port (Not using default port (52311))
  4. BigFix Inventory with custom port
  5. Database SQL 2008 (With Sysadmin & DBO rights)
  6. BigFix Server, Relay, Console & Client version is

New server having same HW configuration, but there is a change in application/OS configuration:-

  1. Windows Server 2012 R2 DC or standard edition
  2. MS SQL 2012 (With Sysadmin & DBO rights)

Additionally, we have created

  1. Local Admin ID (OS ID) on server i.e. BigFixAdmin
  2. Having Sysadmin & DBO rights on SQL DB on old & new instance

Please suggest how I can go further for installing BigFix server & it’s components in new instance/server, can I use the same masthead file or license authorization file or I need a different authorization file as I am using new FQDN. And I need to move all 35K endpoint into new server

Kindly assist.

The new BigFix server will have to leverage the same DNS name/alias that is specified in the masthead file, otherwise the BigFix infrastructure will not be able to communicate with the new BigFix server. If this is not possible, a new license may need to be obtained, and an infrastructure migration be performed rather than a server migration.If leveraging a DNS name/alias within the masthead, perform a DNS switch for the DNS name so that the alias now points to the new BigFix Server. It’s always a risky activity and you must plan carefully, you may need to engage IBM Services to receive the support in case you are not confident with what you have.

Hi @fermt, IBM Support team is not suggesting anything on this, they simply saying that, if you get any issue during migration we will support you, but not sharing any relevant document or information in this regard.

What I am planning is to coordinate with IBM Support team to get the licensing moved to new licenseautoriztion or masthead file (Here I will use a new FQDN/DNS name as both servers are member of domain), so that the same can be used to pointing existing computers (which is currently pointing to old bigfix server) into new bigfix server.

And I also need the custom sites, I don’t know whether the same will I get when I’ll move from existing infrastructure into new one.

Here I eagerly require assistance to perform this activity.