Request for Participants: C3 Inventory -- BIOS -> UEFI Conversions


With the release of Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft will be supporting some tooling that allows the in-place conversion of a system from BIOS -> UEFI.

I’m hoping to build support for these tools into C3 Inventory (and provide guidance for including these tools in MDT). This would allow an organization to use C3 Inventory to in-place upgrade BIOS machines to UEFI and in the same breath use C3 Protect to take advantage of all the great security features enabled by UEFI (TPM 2.0, Virtualization Based Security, Credential Guard, Etc.).

I was hoping to find organizations with Dell Enterprise Hardware (Optiplexes and Latitudes) that would be willing to help me test this new functionality.

Please reply to this post or reach out to me with a message if you’d be interested in getting involved!

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