Reporting total sum of a folder (and its sub-folders)

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I need to get the total size of a folder on our clients that has sub-folders under it. I found how to get the size of a specific folder:

sum of (size of it) of files of folders “c:\level1\levelA”

This returns the total size of folder “levelA”. However, there are other folders under “level1” (like “levelB”, “levelC”, etc). So, I want the total for folder “level1”.

Any suggestions?



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You can use the “descendants” object. For instance:

sum of (size of it) of descendants of folder “c:\level1\levelA”

There may be a better way but please note: Be VERY careful with this query as it can potentially be an expensive one in regards to evaluation time.

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Perfect…that is exactly what I needed. I’ve also noted your word of caution. Thanks for the help, Jim.