Reporting Numbers of Machines

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Currently I’ve written a number of custom reports that report back on stats of fixlets (ie. number of machines relevant to a fixlet etc). Generally do this by returning all the names of the machines to an array and then reporting on array.length.

Is there a way to just return the number as it seems that it’s munching memory with larger (30,000 to 60,000) machines :slight_smile: ?



Also… I’ve been told it’s possible to use the ‘last became nonrelevant’ to return all ‘fixed’ machines. Currently I create the stats by listing all ‘fixed’ machines and then all relevant machines and adding these two up as a total but it seems if an action has been deleted then the stats end up being wrong ;( Do you have an example of how I could use this (or something else!) to return these?



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You can always ask for the ‘number of’ anything. Examples:

number of bes computers

number of results of bes properties

number of keys of key “HKLM\Software” of registry

As for deleted actions, you would need to query the database directly to access their results. Web reports and the console will not load information about deleted actions.


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I have asked again and been told that a machine put’s a date in a field for ‘last became nonrelevant’ for a fixlet when it becomes nonrelevant. So even if the actions are deleted there would be a date in this field if it has been ‘Fixed’ in the past (and null if it has not).

Any thoughts around this?

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Ah… I understand.

Would this meet your needs?

(number of last became nonrelevants of results of it as string & ": " & name of it) of fixlets of bes site whose (name of it = “Enterprise Security”)

This will probably take a long time to run on a large database. You will likely want to restrict it to fewer fixlets. Maybe like this:

(number of last became nonrelevants of results of it as string & ": " & name of it) of fixlets whose (name of it starts with “MS06-06”) of bes site whose (name of it = “Enterprise Security”)

You can embed either of those in a custom report just by wrapping them in a <?relevance ?> tag.