Reporting documentation

Is there any documentation out there for custom reports or more specifically what data can be pulled with a custom report? I know bigfix holds more data inside of it that what is shown from content explorer since I can see the data in the console that I am needing to report on. I’ve tried reaching out to support but have been pointed to the forum and already existing custom reports.

I’m needing to create a report for all patches applied to machines separated out by machine. Just not sure what all is out there and documentation seems to be non-existent. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

Any content which is obtainable using Session Relevance is available to Custom Reports. There are some helper JavaScript functions and libraries Web Reports will inject into the page you can leverage, but other than that, this is just a blank space for you to add whatever HTML/JavaScript will accomplish your goal.

See The WEB Reports API for more general information, and The Dashboard API reference.

Additional References: