Reporting by Vulnerability by O/S and ny Percentages

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I am trying to create a monthly report on set of Vulnerabilities and break it down by Operating System and provide an overall percentage by Operating System. For example, I am looking at reporting on the Microsoft patches release in November (066 to 071) and have 1 report that tells me the following:

Vulnerability Affected Remediated Percentage Completed Operating System

MS06-066 750 735 98% Windows XP

MS06-066 123 119 94% Windows 2003

MS06-071 129 128 99% Windows 2000

Can this be done on one report??


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Hey jr,

There is a built-in report that is similar (although not exactly formatted the same way).

In web reports:

  • go to “Create Report” > “Issue Assessment”
  • Choose “OS” as the primary grouping mechanism
  • Pick the Fixlets that you want

Does this report meet your needs?


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I was already using this report. I am actually using 'Full OS Name" so I can identify Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2000 Professional (OS does not break it to that level).

I was hoping that there was a nicer report. The problem when I use Full OS Name is that I get some OS’s that show up as None and Error.

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You can use the filters in web reports to remove the computers that report ‘none’ or ‘error’ for Full OS Name. Just use the filter drop down in the navigation bar on the left, and filter computers --> by retrieved property --> Full OS Name, and chose to exclude results that are ‘none’ or ‘error’.


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Thanks Jesse.

So my question now is, whey do we get None or Error?

I have run the BESClient Refresh Tool but that does not seem to fix the issue.

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Hey JR,

The Full OS Name relies on a WMI call to the system. If WMI is disabled, not available, or not working, then you will not get a return value for this property.

For instance, on Win9x and WinNT, WMI is not enabled by default. Also, we know that WMI will fail on systems periodically and in these cases none of the BigFix WMI properties will work.