Report - Services Running

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Is it possible to run a report on all services running on all Windows 2003 & 2008 servers and compile it into one report?


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Would something like this work?

( names of item 0 of it , ( values whose (it as string ends with “Running”) of results (item 0 of it, item 1 of it) ), operating system of item 0 of it ) of (it, bes property “Services - Windows”) of bes computers whose (operating system of it contains “Win2003” OR operating system of it contains “Win2008” )

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This does not work. I added to a Analyses as a new property and it finds all computers, not only servers.

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You requested a report. What you see above is session relevance. It does not run on the client. You will need to have an analysis that retrieves a property called “Services - Windows”. This lives in an analysis called “Application Information (Windows)” and is part of the “BES Inventory and License” Site. Activate this analysis and run the previous session relevance in either the Session Relevance Tester or the Presentation Debugger, or QNA in the Web Reports.