Report and/or sync copied fixlets in custom site with source

Hi, if I copy fixlets from the “Patches for Windows” site to a custom site and then modify the fixlet name, is there a way to know when the contents of that copied fixlet become out of sync with the source fixlet? Also, is there a way to sync them?

I don’t want to use baselines because of the restriction on the number of fixlets that can be within a baseline.

hi any ideas? thanks

maybe there is a way to report on when a content was last modified? I don’t see that an an inspector in session relevance or an attribute of the fixlet when called by the REST API. Unless I’m missing it?

Has anyone ever done a SQL query to identify fixlets that were modified in the last 7 days?

I suppose you can use session relevance like following to check “modification time” is in last 7 days.
(name of it, id of it, modification time of it, name of site of it) of fixlets whose(modification time of it > (now - day*7)) of bes sites

that looks good. This data is not available by the REST API (besides the /query endpoint) correct?


You can send session relevance query via REST API with /api/query (