Replacing lines within mms.cfg file

Hi Experts,

New to IEM and I am trying to disable flash player updates through IEM which basically needs me to replace the content of the mms.cfg file located in “C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash” from


So far I have got to the extent of creating an analysis of the machines on which the settings for mms.cfg is the same as mentioned above and now the requirements is to change the value of the file mms.cfg to


Please help me with the Action Script for the same. I could do it with a batch file easily, but IEM is the preferred method :slight_smile:



There is actually a fixlet in the patch management site that already does this. “Adobe Flash Player - Disable Flash Player Update”.

It just creates a new file with the correct contents using createfile and then deletes the current mms.cfg and replaces it.

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There are existing analyses for adobe flash config on

There should be a fixlet that does what you want as well, but as @strawgate mentions there is one already in the console provided by IBM, though I have been meaning to update and improve it.

Also, if you can do it in a BAT file, you can just take the lines of the BAT file and make them individual action script lines.


Hey Guys!

Thanks so much for the inputs. I am going to test this and get back with the results.