Repeatidly sending a modified file

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Hello,i want to transfer a specific file, at a specific time from the server to the clients everyday while the file gets modified.So basically i want to do the work that the uploader manager does.Any suggestions?



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If you said to transfer straight from the wwwrootbes folder, you could just say to download the file. Something like:

download now http://:52311/folder/filename.txt

This way you can just update the file in like c:\program files (x86)\BigFix Enterprises\Bes server\wwwrootbes\folder

The only issue with this way is that you don’t have the same security/filechecks if you used a sha1 value, etc. It would transfer anything called filename.txt, even if the file is corrupt, etc.

If you wanted to grab a file and distribute, that is tougher. I am working on something similar to work in 3 parts. 1) Grab file with upload manager, 2) create policy action on bigfix server to look for that file and move to the wwwrootbes folder, 3) policy action to push daily at a certain time each day

I’m trying to do similar stuff now… so I’m working my way through what I’m trying/thinking now.

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Hi,thanks for the reply.

basically i want to:

1)Download an X file from the server to the client everyday at a specified time

2)repeat the action everyday with the altered X file.

since the

download now

grabs the file and places it in a temp folder how the next day it will grab the altered/changed file.Do you see what i mean?From my point of view it will distribute the X file that i uploaded at the very first action.Hope that helps…