Remove BESClient failing

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We are over our license limit and I am attempting to remove servers that will be decommissioned. However, the “TROUBLESHOOTING Remove BES Clients” failing on almost all the machines I am trying to remove. This is where it fails:


move “__download/BESRemove-” “{if (exists variable “temp” of environment) then (value of variable “temp” of environment as string & “\BESRemove-”) else (pathname of folder “temp” of windows folder as string & “\BESRemove-”)}” …

The clients are on version 8.0.627.0 but from what I read in the relevancy, (version of client >= “5.1”)

this shouldn’t make a difference. I need to get rid of these servers but they keep popping up. Is there a new BES fixlet for version 8.0? If so, I could not find it.

Please advise…



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look as if the task needs to be updated to use the newer BESRemove tool.

Have you tried the 1st action “Click here to uninstall the BES Client” it doesn’t look like it uses the BES remove utility there and performs a uninstall.

or you could create a custom copy of the task and replace the BES remove 72460 with the 8.1 version.