Remote control web portal fails to open

this issue appeared after installing TRC remote control server and can’t open web portal for remote control.

Can you enable RC logging and restart the service to collect any error messages from the RC portal startup?

the web interface opened and i found the required key under Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\BigFix\Remote Control\Target . however, the web interface opened, The targets report returned no results.

Hello mutassem,

Are you sure that the server is listening on 9080 ?
If the 9080 is also used in the secure.url property in the RC server configuration, make sure that the URL in the browser start with https:// when you type it in. Also check if http is enabled in the server configuration. Maybe only https is enabled in your case:

You need to figure it out in order to set the ServerURL in the Target. If you use https://<server>:<port>/trc as ServerURL in the Target the callhome won’t fail unless the port is wrong or the server is unreachable. If you use http instead of https in the ServerURL the callhome might fail depending on the settings on the RC server.