Remote Control Error

Dear Team,

I facing the the following error, while give a take action for deploy controller on local machine, Unexpected Error HTTP: 404" and on local sys browser i can’t reach that download system but on other same network machine i can download that.

Below i mentioned the screenshots for your reference.

Is there any way to deploy manually ???


if you can download .bfa file, locate it under the directory of BES Server (BES Server\wwwrootbes\Downloads\sha1)
and then rename it as (it’s sha1: this is seen in the picture you shared Hash: (sha1)63d*)

and leave it to BigFix, if the action didnt expire, it completes it. if it expired, take action again.

The solution provided by @selimgoksu is correct in this situation.

In regards to not being able to connect from the core’s local browser, I would suggest checking internally for issues either on the system itself or it’s direct connection to the internet. If you can get to it from another machine on the same network, it’s likely there is an issue with resolving that site on your server and that issue needs to be resolved locally.

Thanks @selimgoksu now its working fine.

Thanks @jmaple now its solved.