Relevant fixlets from WebReport's multiple datasources

I have a WebReports (v10.0.2) that has 2 data sources.
When I run this query against WR,

(name of it, type of it) of relevant fixlets of bes computers whose (name of it as string = “xxxxx”)

… I only get tasks and analysis results if the computer is in any datasource other than the first. If I query against a computer in the first data source, I get fixlets, tasks and analysis.

Why are fixlets not being returned and how do I get them?
Tried the same thing on a V9.5 webreports with 3 datasources and get the same result.

Anyone have a WR with multiple datasources that can try and see if they have the same problem?

I have an environment with 2 data sources and I do not have this problem. The Fixlet query returns data from computers in either environment.

How are you running the query? I ran using QNA in WebReports (clicking the Test link when creating a new scheduled report).

I’m running a custom query:

I just tried again and I get tasks and analysis when querying datasource 1, but I also get fixlets back when querying a host from datasource 0